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To The Swedish Women's Front

Osynlig ruta

Poem 20th of February 1995

The cry of pain
lonely fades out
through millenia
Who was it that screamed?
Was it you, was it me?
Or is this cry
the total agony
of all of us?
The cry of terror when we
together were
deprived of our right
to wander through our world
proud and erect
When we realised that our
sacrifices only led
our footsteps to eternal damnation
under a male sceptre

Ewa Höglin

Osynlig ruta

What can we do?

To really do something
about child pornography one has to work on all fields at the same time. Legislation is one of them.
A law against child pornography must
protect the children in the pictures, both in Sweden and abroad, through a ban on possession as well as distribution of the documentations,
protect children from having to watch pornography,
prevent, by making sure that no more children are subjected to the abuse that child pornography encourages.
     The filming itself of sexual abuse must be regarded as a sexual offence and fall under the sex crime legislation. Possession and distribution – import and export included – must be prohibited as child pornography crime.
     The act must have an age limit and it must be according to the UN's child convention: 18 years. Child pornography is a crime against children's human rights.Photo of a doll service set

Collecting and Exchanging Knowledge
Today there is knowledge about child pornography and child sexual abuse among many individuals in different professions. But the majority lack this knowledge. It is incredibly important now to collect the experience that there is, and to pass it on. Today we must also learn more about how new technology affects child pornography and its circulation.
     It is also important to disclose the myth that child pornography is a small, isolated problem which is mostly to do with a small number of sick men. Child pornography, just like child prostitution, must be analysed in its societal context.
     International cooperation is necessary, both on the governmental level and between the occupational groups concerned. Police and customs also have to develop their international cooperation.

Education & Information
All occupational groups which come in contact with this complex of problems must get education about pornography and child sexual abuse. This applies to the police, for example, who should prioritise these crimes.
     In the debate it is often said that cases of suspected sexual abuse are so difficult, because word stands against word. Few realise the self-evident: this problem would diminish if more perpetrators confessed. An increased frequency of confessions among the perpetrators is achieved through better methods of interrogation, among other things.
     In cases of suspected child sexual abuse, the alleged perpetrator's house should always be searched. The police must learn where to look for child pornography. The more we look for child pornography, the more we find, say police officers who work with child sexual abuse.
     The legal professions must also get education; lay assessors, judges, prosecutors and lawyers.
     Other professional groups which of course should have more knowledge about child pornography and child sexual abuse are social workers, nursery school workers, youth centre workers, gynaecologists, midwives and other staff at youth clinics, school nurses, medical service staff in general and many, many more.

Knowledge in Schools
Of course schools should also discuss child pornography and sexual abuse. All girls should have the right to learn feminist self defence at school. That means to spread the knowledge about men's sexual violence against women and children, to create a preparedness to act – mentally, verbally and physically – against violations and threats, and to strenghten girls' self confidence and feeling of solidarity.
     All children have the right to know what they run the risk of being subjected to, how they can protect themselves, and what their rights are, according to the UN's child convention, for example. They have to be informed that they might be abused, that they have the right to defend themselves, and that they have the right to trust their own feelings and set limits. They need to be told that they are precious.
     Good sex education in schools is also an important part of the preventive measures.
     In Sweden today there is only one clinic for victims of child sexual abuse and it is not run by the state or the council, but is based on voluntary work; Rädda Barnens (Save the Children's) boys' clinic. The majority of the victims of child sexual abuse, the girls, have nowhere to turn for help from people who have been trained to help children who are being/ have been subjected to child sexual abuse. It should be a matter of course that all these children get help to deal with their experiences.
     Furthermore, groups based on voluntary work, like Stödcentrum mot Incest (the Support Centre against Incest), must get more economic support.

Creating Public Opinion
As long as pornography is only discussed as a harmless expression of male lust, the consequences for women and children will be obscured. But through creating public opinion we can reveal the actions of the porn industry and start asking questions: Why does pornography exist? What does it really contain? What are the consequences? And who benefits from its existance?
     Only when many people get involved can we really make a change. That is why it is also necessary that many more people engage themselves in the work to create public opinion against pornography.

     A world of adults which accept child pornography, lets the children down.

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