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About us
Kvinnofronten – The Women's front in Sweden – was established in 1977. Right from the beginning we built the organization around our political platform of concrete demands, but of course the platform has been changed from time to time during the years.
Invisible squareKvinnofronten is a politically independent, nation-wide feminist activist organisation. We try to rouse public opinion against the oppression of women. We do it by starting consciousness-raising groups, making pamphlets, holding speeches, making street theatres, arranging demonstrations – or whatever activities our local groups want to do. We are a small, but important, feminist group in Sweden.
Horizontal organisation
Invisible squareKvinnofronten has no traditional council, since we've choosed to have a horizontal organization. Instead we have a number of groups with different responsibilities; such as our newsletter group, our iT-group, our summer camp group and whatnot.
Invisible squareEvery summer we use to arrange a summer camp, where women can rest, sun-bathe, cook, take long walks, train feminist self defense, listen to lectures, argue and laugh together.
Invisible squareDuring the rest of the year women from different parts of our country can keep debating via our internet forum, our e-mail lists, and our newsletter "The word is yours, sister!".
Invisible squareBy using the menue this above you can read our political platform and see some of the things we do or have done.
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