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Candle lights for the women killed one year
Osynlig ruta
Our Platform
A working life on women's terms
Work for everyone – No to women as reserve labour supply
Appreciate women's labour – wages should be based on work, not on sex
6 hour work days for everyone with 8 hour pay
Make the terms of women pensioners visible – an old-age pension to live on
Good day-care, free of charge, for all children
At least half of all school resources and time should favour the girls
Better social services – stop the cut downs
Health care is a human right, not a trade commodity
Women's right to our bodies and our lives
Every woman's right to her own sexuality – heterosexuals as well as lesbians
Lesbian struggle – against invisibility and discrimination – appreciate women's love for women
Defend women's right to legal abortion
Women's right to health – make women visible in health care, working life and science
Fight the victimization of women and girls
Stop men's sexual violence – rape, battery, incest and other sexual abuse are actions of terror
Smash the porn industry – for a sexuality without humiliation
Fight prostitution – against all national and international trafficking
Reveal all women-hating ideas in a society based on male power and female subordination
International solidarity between women
Make the situation of refugee and immigrant women visible
Against sexism, racism, fascism and all ideologies based on power/subordination
All people's and state's right to freedom and national self-determination
Defend our democratic human rights
Sweden out of the European Union
On our way towards a feminist future
Freedom from all sexual violence
Abolish patriarchy
50% women where decisions are made – allocation of quotas in the benefit of women
A women's perspective on economy and ecology – against nuclear power and environmental pollution
Appreciate women's choice of women – make women's friendship and network visible
Svart linje
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Osynlig ruta
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