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What we do
Here are some of the things Kvinnofronten in Sweden fights for and struggles against:
Against Pornography and all kind of Male Sexual Violence
Sweden was the first country in the world to criminalize the "johns" in prostitution, but there are few restrictions against pornography. And pornography is found everywhere around us in our daily lives.
Osynlig rutaEver since Kvinnofronten started in the 1970's we've been doing a lot of work against pornography and prostitution. During the 1980's Kvinnofronten took the initiative to build The People's Organisation against Pornography (Folkaktionen mot Pornografi – FmP) that existed in Sweden between 1985 and 1999. We made a slide lecture that later both FmP and Kvinnofronten traveled with all around Sweden. We've also published studies we've made on pornography.
The most recent booklet we've published (and translated to English and Finnish in 2013) is a collection of arguments on prostitution (check "Read more" in the menue above).
Osynlig rutaMany of us members in Kvinnofronten are also engaged in the Women's Shelter movement or against male sexual violence in other ways.
Osynlig rutaYou can read more about the Swedish struggle against pornography at the Folkaktionen mot Pornografi's web site (check the links!).
Free child day-care centers for children and 6 hour work days and wages one can live on
6 hour work days is another demand that Kvinnofronten have had all from the beginning. As well as good child day-care centers for children, that should be free of charge. We also fight all attempt to try to change our legal right to abortion. And of course, in a country where women's wages compared to men's have been reduced every year during the last twenty years, we keep fighting for wages to live on.
Osynlig rutaIn the recent years every day life has become increasingly harder for women, especially working class women. The continuos cut downs in the social services hit all women with low wages hard, not to mention single mothers. The fight against the cut downs in the social services and for a shorter normal work day is more important than ever.
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Against the European Union
Kvinnofronten is also, as most people in Sweden, against the Swedish membership in the European Union. We want Sweden to leave the European Union, and we definitely do not want our country to join the monetary union or the WEU.
Since the oppression of women has become so "normal" in all society, we need the support of each other to be able to stand up against the oppression and make a change.
Osynlig rutaTherefore sisterhood is so important. We want to give each other the courage to believe in our selves, to dare more and to see that we can make a change – if we do it together.
Osynlig rutaEver since Kvinnofronten started in the 1970's, that is, long before the expression intersectionality was coined, we wrote in our platform that the sisterhood must be regardless of color, ethnicity, religion, age, ability, sexual preference or nation boundaries.
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